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This is an Alla Prima (wet-on-wet) painting class.


The course begins by looking at the elements of composition: space, line, tone, proportion and form. We will cover the preparation of a board or canvas, the use of a coloured ground and the drawing up of a composition.

There will be a focus on mixing oil paint from a limited palette of ultramarine blue, burnt umber, alizarin crimson, cadmium yellow (hue) and white.  (Optional extras: Prussian blue, raw umber, cadmium red, cobalt blue).

Whilst concentrating on realism and accurate tonal and colour matching, learn how to mix a range of tones and start a painting in a simple methodical process to complete one or two paintings over the two days.

Course Code: SCNV224

Tutor: Matthew Carter

When: Sat/Sun 10.00am - 4.00pm

Dates: 25/26 May 2024

Duration: 2 days

Maximum Enrolment: 14

Level: ALL
Cost: $225     

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