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We are now offering a number of daytime and evening online courses that cater for a wide variety of levels and abilities. Our online courses are aimed at students who would prefer, for any number of reasons, to access creative learning remotely.


Our tutors are excellent communicators and also offer constructive direction on your development and provide strategies for negotiating working processes and the generation of ideas. Whatever your level, from beginner to more experienced, our courses can help you with your art practice! 

How Does It Work?

We offer 6-week x 2-hour online courses. Courses can be booked on each course page using the BOOK link. Upon your confirmed booking, you'll receive a link to access the course. The respective tutor will teach the class remotely through the Zoom platform. You don’t need to be a computer geek to do this as the process is very straightforward. It’s simple to share your screen with your tutor so that your work can be easily viewed and discussed.


"I have attended two courses online with the Browne School of Art. Both courses were fantastic and the tutors were terrific; they were generous with their knowledge, super helpful and well organised. I  live outside of Auckland so having these courses online is a real gift. " E. Fisher

"Am finding Zoom works well ... It’s easy to find space in terms of set-up and materials. And because it’s exploring a particular technique, Zoom is an effective way to run the class.  Padlet works well share and see your work in context ... people seem to be happy to remain engaged informally which is part of the connectivity you get with other students in a face-to-face class." J. Holland

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