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Day and evening part-time courses form an important component of the school and cater for a wide selection of levels and abilities. They enable participants to learn, explore and expand their visual thinking and are an ideal entry point for anyone contemplating a connection, or re-connection, with their creativity. The classes are enjoyable, informative and stimulating and are conducted in a relaxed, friendly and mutually supportive school studio environment.


Course participants may enrol in courses at their chosen level, meet and socialise with like-minded creative people and receive excellent tutoring and direction from professional, experienced artists and teachers. Course content is continually revised and updated. Students may wish to re-enrol in courses over many terms, gradually building confidence and developing their work at their own pace. 


Day and evening course numbers are restricted to a maximum of 14 students in the two main studios and 10 in the smaller, providing the tutor with the opportunity to teach more effectively on an individual as well as a group basis.

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