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Painting 4 cultivates an on-going support network for practising artists. The program spans four days across each of the four terms, scheduled at fortnightly intervals. This arrangement ensures a balanced blend of theoretical exploration and hands-on application, with days dedicated to advancing each students painting practice. The course encompasses invaluable insights, opportunities and practical wisdom for staying current and well informed.

The two days scheduled each term for theoretical, contextual studies include readings and discussions accompanied by talks and presentations by prominent figures in the arts realm. These immersive experiences not only delve into the intricacies of networking, gallery collaboration, artwork photography and professional website creation, but also equip participants with the skills to eloquently present and discuss their work. 

Studio days are structured to help foster each individual's practice. These working days are a cornerstone of the program, providing valuable insights and clarity for both practitioners and tutors alike. Constructive feedback is an integral part of this process, administered individually and through group critiques, fostering a deeper comprehension of the vital interplay between conceptual ideas and practice.

Course Code: YLP424

Tutors: Matthew Browne, Kathryn Stevens 

+ Guest Artists & speakers

When:  Thurs 9.00am - 3.00pm  - 96hrs

Dates: 15,29 Feb, 14,28 Mar | 9,23 May, 6,20 June |

1,15,29 Aug,12 Sept | 17,31 Oct, 14,21 Nov  2024

Maximum Enrolment: 14

Cost: $2,650     



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