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Painting 4 provides an on-going support network for practising artists. There are eight, weekend workshops, spaced at approximately seven-week intervals throughout the year.


The course has been carefully developed to assist independent practitioners in their practice, by structuring a program that encompasses advice, opportunities, and tips on keeping up to date and better informed.


Day one of each weekend (Saturday) includes readings and discussions accompanied by talks and presentations by leading arts practitioners and administrators.


There will be hands-on sessions on working processes with various media and materials, working with a gallery, and documenting your work. Course participants will also have the opportunity to become more at ease at presenting and speaking about their own practice and will receive advice from visiting artists and teachers. 


The second day (Sunday) is a painting studio day to help foster each individual's practice. This working day forms an important role in the course as it offers insight and clarity on working methods and strategies for both practitioner and tutor.

Course Code: YLP423

Tutors: Matthew Browne, Kathryn Stevens 

+ Guest Artists & speakers

When: Sat & Sun - 8 weekends (96hrs)

Dates: 11,12 Feb | 25,26 Mar | 6,7 May | 17,18 June |

29,30 July | 9,10 Sept | 28,29 Oct | 2,3 Dec - 2023

Maximum Enrolment: 16

Cost: $2,250     



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