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The year-long courses at Browne School of Art have been developed to fulfill a growing requirement for a sequential pathway to study that may be undertaken without unduly compromising work, family or other commitments. These courses are offered in both day and evening modules at levels 1-3 and a schedule of weekend sessions at level 4.

Register your interest now for one of our year-long courses 2025. Interviews for year--long applicants are open from 1 September 2024. Applications will remain open until course places are filled. Please contact us for an interview.


All students who are new to the year-long programs will need to attend a short informal interview. Current year-long students are not required to attend an interview for entry into follow-on levels but are required to register their intention for advancement by 1 September 2024

How do you know which of these courses is the right one for you? At the interview, we can discuss whether the course is right for you and to see that you have reached a suitable level of development to get the most from participation at a particular course level. 


What are the requirements?

PAINTING 1: At this level, we don't require a portfolio as part of your application as much as you need commitment and determination. 

However, you may bring examples of past work and we will be happy to consider these. 

PAINTING 2, 3 & 4 require examples of current or past work. These may be in the form of physical examples, a photographic record or a more comprehensive portfolio.


These courses are consistently in high demand and so we recommend that you register as soon as possible.


Email us or leave a phone message and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time for an interview:   CONTACT US

All of these courses have a proven record of significant success and many of our students go on to engage further within the arts with a passion and ambition to succeed. 


The year-long courses encompass levels suitable for beginning students to those of a more advanced experience. Levels are indicated as L1, L2, L3 & L4 and applicants may enter at a level deemed most suitable for their experience.


Practical skills are introduced at the beginning levels, and over time a more philosophical positioning is encouraged. This is an important element of creative engagement and is part of a natural pedagogical development and curiosity.


Our Visual Arts Mentoring Programme [VAMP] is our most recent addition to our year-long courses. The programme has been developed for artists across a broad spectrum of creative disciplines who feel that they would benefit from the support and guidance of a professional, practising artist and mentor.


All of the year-long courses conclude with an exhibition of work in our dedicated BSA GALLERY.

Ptng 1.jpg


This course provides a comprehensive introduction to learning to draw and paint and is ideally suited to those who wish to become more intensely involved from the outset. In a congenial, supportive studio environment, learning becomes fun and productive.


On completion of this course you will be able to draw and paint with greater confidence and will have practised the visual fundamentals should you wish to attend the year-long course Painting 2.

Kim Shaw.jpg


Painting 4 cultivates an on-going support network for practising artists. The program spans four days across each of the four terms, scheduled at fortnightly intervals. This arrangement ensures a balanced blend of theoretical exploration and hands-on application, with days dedicated to advancing each students painting practice. 


The course encompasses invaluable insights, opportunities and practical wisdom for staying current and well informed.


Painting 2 is our second-year painting course and is ideal for students who have completed the year-long course Painting 1: Start-Up, or who have attended several terms of day or evening courses at Drawing and Painting - L2 or their equivalent.


Painting 2 begins around a structure of directed projects with students following a prescribed curriculum of learning. This process continues through to the end of term 2, at the mid-year point. Gradually, students are encouraged to begin to research more independently and to explore broader notions of visual understanding and of personal interpretation.  

Mo Stewart - Pneuma-01jpg.jpg


VAMP is developed for artists across a broad spectrum of creative disciplines who feel that they would benefit from the guidance and support of a professional practising artist and mentor. 

Applicants begin the course in mid-February and are provided with a personal mentor for a period of 10 months. 


Painting 3 is a course for students who have begun to develop a direction in their work, but who require a supportive studio environment in order to gain clarity of vision. In this course, students begin to take more responsibility and control of their own learning and progress. Our aim is to allow each individual’s talent to flourish through a natural unfolding of their abilities and aspirations.


Painting time is supplemented by readings, discussion, evaluation and critiques in order to foster a critical awareness, theoretical positioning, and a sound working methodology.

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