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Drawing and Painting Courses



Art courses and workshops offered by Browne School of Art have been developed to suit a range of levels of experience in painting and drawing. Classical observational courses sit comfortably alongside those that are less figurative and more abstract in concept and thinking. The aim is to provide a structured learning environment in which direct experience encourages a focused and independent practice, ultimately developing an artist who is able to work with confidence, maturity and resilience.

Courses are offered in varying formats. Part-time day and evening sessions are supplemented by year-long courses. Additionally, there are short courses with more in-depth workshops being offered over the winter and summer breaks.



Day and evening part-time courses form an important component of the school and cater for a wide selection of levels and abilities.They enable participants to learn, explore and expand their visual thinking and are a great point of entry for anyone contemplating a connection, or a re-connection with their creativity. Day/Evening courses are enjoyable, informative and stimulating and are conducted in a relaxed, friendly and mutually supportive environment.




Weekend, summer and winter school short courses and workshops provide the opportunity for students to become immersed in their work over a longer, more intense period of continual study. 


These short courses may range from two days to a week. These will include drawing and painting from both a traditional and a more contemporary perspective and from beginners to advanced levels. See Short Courses to find out the schedule for all our upcoming workshops.



Year-Long courses are individually structured to meet the needs of artists at a specific level of experience and ability. Beginning students, as well as those already engaged in professional practice, will find these courses rewarding, challenging and informative.


For more information take a look at the Year-Long Courses category on the menu bar where you will find details and information on these exciting courses, or click the link above.





Courses run over four, nine-week terms a year aligning as closely as possible with regular statutory school terms. In addition, there are also short courses and workshops programmed over weekends and holidays. 

Students may enrol for courses as soon as they are published. Each course description is colour-coded, indicating the level of experience recommended.


ALL - All Levels


Accommodates a broad base of experience from beginning students with little or no experience, to those who are more advanced.

L1 - Level 1


Ideal for beginning students, with little or no drawing and painting experience, or as a re-introduction refresher course in basic principles for lapsed practitioners.


L2 - Level 2


For the student who has had some drawing and painting experience but who requires guidance and a structured learning component to assist with further development of their work.


L3  - Level 3


Aimed at more experienced students who have plenty of self-direction and an awareness of their personal aims and methodologies. These students will initiate their own projects and receive regular mentoring, encouragement and support.


L4  - Level 4


Aimed at serious, dedicated working artists. Painting time is supplemented by tutor mentorship, readings, discussion and critique. Additional talks and presentations by artists and speakers from the industry, together with the company of like-minded fellow artists, bring about a clarity of purpose and a sense of connection and support.


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