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Painting 3 is a course for students who have begun to develop a direction in their work, but who require a supportive studio environment in order to gain clarity of vision. 


In this course, students begin to take more responsibility and control of their own learning and progress. Our aim is to allow each individual’s talent to flourish through a natural unfolding of their abilities and aspirations.


Painting time is supplemented by readings, discussion, evaluation and critiques in order to foster a critical awareness, theoretical positioning, and a sound working methodology. Student presentations towards the end of the year are always a rewarding experience and reveal an intensity of vision and integrity of purpose.


This course is tutored by two experienced practising artists and teachers. Leigh Martin and Kathryn Stevens are on hand to provide advice, support, and guidance throughout the program. The course has been developed over several years, resulting in success for many students who have gone on to make an impression on the Auckland art scene.


Additionally, Painting 3 now also includes Art History sessions with Linda Yang, scheduled once a week during term 2. These sessions are delivered via Zoom on either Tuesday mornings or Wednesday evenings.

Course Code: YLP324

Tutors: Leigh Martin, Kathryn Stevens, Linda Yang

& Deborah Crowe

When: Day Group - Wed 9.00am - 3.00pm

Art History: Day Group - Tue 9.30 -11.30am - Term 2

When: Eve Group - Thurs 5.30 - 9.30pm 

Art History: Eve Group - Tue 6.00 - 8.00pm - Term 2

Dates: Day Group - 7 Feb - 20 Nov 2024

Dates: Eve Group - 8 Feb - 21 Nov 2024

Duration: 33 weeks - Day - 217hrs / Eve - 151hrs 

Maximum Enrolment: 2 groups / 14 students each

Cost: $4,150 - Day 6hr course

Cost$3,150  - Eve 4hr course


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