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To be a visual artist in today's visually media-rich world takes a particular determination and passion. This is particularly true for any would-be painter who believes in the ability and power of drawing and painting to convey the most profound and complex meanings by the clearest and most compelling means possible.


At Browne School of Art we believe that to be an artist, these qualities must be harnessed within a strong work ethic. Over time, we instill in each student the importance of:


  • A robust and focused philosophy

  • An awareness of working process

  • The value of critical thinking

  • The development of a personal vision and intent

  • An awareness of how and where their work fits within contemporary art practice, both locally and internationally


Browne School of Art is a place where these beliefs are upheld and made tangible through a structured and supportive teaching process. Students will be assisted to develop their abilities to closely observe, conceptualise and critically and constructively appraise their work. All of these skills underpin the development of an authentic, singular artistic vision.






Whether you consider yourself an absolute beginner or a more experienced drawing and painting practitioner, at Browne School of Art we will:


  • Offer instruction in the fundamental skills of drawing, painting and printmaking.

  • Awaken, develop and refine your powers of visual observation, investigation and interpretation.

  • Assist you to select and structure visual elements to successfully communicate your ideas.

  • Provide a better understanding of art materials and how best to use them.

  • Introduce you to a range of work by other artists who may provide inspiration for your chosen direction.




  • Facilitate class debate and philosophical discussion around the principles of traditional art-making from the past alongside current contemporary art practice.


  • Support the ongoing development of a focused and independent creative practice. 

  • Strive to educate, enrich and engage students in the visual arts

  • Provide creative opportunities for the wider community to realise their creative potential as artists.


  • Assist in the development of your own personal approach and positioning as an artist within a wider contemporary art environment (for more experienced practitioners).


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