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This course serves as an ideal introduction to oil painting and follows a traditional path, beginning with still life observation. In addition, it offers a structured schedule for students in need of practical assistance in their already established and on-going oil painting practice.


During this short course, you will progress rapidly through observation.

We will look at the principle building blocks that underpin sound painting practice; line, proportion, tone, shape and form. There will be exercises in colour theory and an understanding of paint mixing, emphasising the importance of the relationship between tonal value and colour saturation.


As the course progresses, we will experiment with alternative ways of seeing, shifting our focus from objective to subjective interpretations in the search for individual expression.

Course Code: ENV322

Tutor: Matthew Carter 

When: Wed 6.00 - 9.00pm

Dates: 27 July - 21 Sept 2022

Duration: 9 weeks

Maximum Enrolment: 10

Level: ALL

Cost: $420


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