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This is an Alla Prima (wet-on-wet) painting class. The course begins by looking at the elements of composition: space, line, tone, proportion and form.  We will cover the preparation of a board or canvas, the use of a coloured ground and the drawing up of a composition. There will be a focus on mixing oil paint from a limited palette of ultramarine blue, burnt umber, alizarin crimson, cadmium yellow (hue) and white. (optional extras: Prussian blue, raw umber, cadmium red, cobalt blue).

Whilst concentrating on realism and accurate tonal and colour matching, learn how to mix a range of tones and start a painting in a simple methodical process to complete one or two paintings over the course of the workshop.

After introductions and the course outline, we’ll discuss realism through observation and tonal accuracy and take a step-by-step approach to:

· preparation of your support with a ground of gesso and coloured ground

· composition and drawing up with charcoal, use of a card viewfinder

· underpainting with acrylic

· your palette and mixing paint, making a black from 3 colours

· alla prima painting (wet-on-wet)

· proceeding with a focus on tone and then on colour

· some colour theory as it applies to painting

· developing a relaxed approach to the application of paint

· simplifying the subject, breaking it down into manageable concepts.


Please feel free to bring in your own objects for painting, and we have plenty of interesting objects for your use.

Course Code: SSNV24

Tutor: Matt Carter

When: Sat - Sun 9.30am - 3.30pm

Date: 13 - 14 Jan 2024
Duration: 2 days                 

Maximum Enrolment: 14

Levels: ALL 

Cost: $225


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