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Immerse yourself in the realm of oil painting with this intensive 5 week course. The course is centred around the human figure, with a profound focus on capturing the intricate dance of light.

Under the guidance of your tutor, you will venture into the delicate interplay between light and shadow. You'll learn timeless techniques that will enable you to illuminate your figures in a way that not only captures their physicality but also evoke an emotional resonance through keen observation.


The course places a strong emphasis on developing an awareness of correct proportions, of tonal & colour relationships, and a heightened appreciation of the interconnection between figure and ground. These elements are fundamental in achieving a harmonious and compelling composition.

Course Code: MLLP224

Tutor: Zarahn Southon

When: Mon 9.30am - 12.30pm

Date: 27 May - 1 Jul 2024

Duration: 5 weeks

Maximum Enrolment: 12

Levels: ALL

Cost: $350


  • no class 3 June - Kings B/day

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