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This course explores the multifaceted discipline of photography, offering students at all experience levels an insight into contemporary photographic practices.  Students will be introduced to a wide range of creative concepts and essential techniques.  Alongside learning the fundamentals of photographing a subject, students will have opportunities to develop and articulate the ideas that rest behind their images.  


Each week, we will explore a different genre of photography, with accompanied technical instruction that focuses on refining individual skill.  Students will be encouraged to develop their own visual language as they capture and share photographs throughout the term.


Equipment needed:

A working camera (even a phone will do!) 

Notebook & pen/pencil


Course outline:

Week 1 an introduction to the medium of photography. Technical skill – basic camera control

Week 2 Landscape: technical skill – advanced camera control, camera kits

Week 3 Objects: technical skill – lighting, stage 1

Week 4 Portraiture: technical skill – lighting, stage 2

Week 5 Documenting the body: technical skill – colour, composition and post-shooting editing

Week 6 Documenting the space: technical skill – selecting and arranging series and themes, storytelling through images

Week 7 Abstract photography: technical skill – camera play, staging shots, framing

Week 8-9 Capturing the environment: technical skill – creating atmosphere and character. As a group we look at our visual development over the course, displaying and discussing our photographic practice.

Course Code: EPH224

Tutor: Kimberley Annan 

When: Mon 6.00 - 8.00pm

Dates: 29 Apr - 1 Jul 2024

Duration: 9 weeks

Maximum Enrolment: 8

Level: ALL 

Cost: $360

* No class 3 June  - Kings B/day

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