Objects and environments which surround us are only visible when illuminated. Light not only allows us to see but determines how we experience form in space. As such, shadow is an absence, a lack of light as it has no mass or physical attributes. Light may incidentally fall or is intentionally cast upon an object or environment. 


When drawing or painting, the default methodology is to use a white piece of paper or canvas, a brightness onto which we apply a variety of tonal values that often darken with each additional layer. Only the brightest highlights are left white. This methodology of shading subverts the natural state of how we experience darkness and of how light actually operates when it falls, or is applied to various surfaces and spaces.

This course offers the opportunity to employ a variety of different approaches so as to allow the student to understand how to successfully depict light both practically and emotively. It will provide valuable processes and techniques for any artist, whether their interests be representational or abstract. The course also offers a platform for artists wanting to develop their skills in underpainting, through to completed work. 

Course Code: LL121

Tutor: Leigh Martin 

When: Mon 1.30 - 4.30pm

Dates: 15 Feb - 12 Apr 2021

Duration: 8 Weeks

Maximum Enrolment: 12

Level: ALL

Cost: $350


Nocturne, James McNeill [detail]
Self Portrait, Roland Wakelin [detail]

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