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Drawing can be immediate and intimate. Whilst drawing over an extended period of time we can bring to light the interior life of the artist. Alluding to this interior life, the artist  Paul Cezanne said, "Nature is within us".


Being aware of this interiority can enhance our objective drawing experience. This state of awareness, a balance between observation and imagination, is an important component of what I teach.


This course provides a special opportunity to centre on observational drawing with the aim of providing a strong foundation for your art practice. We will work with a variety of objects such as plaster casts and still life. In conjunction, a variety of media may be explored. 



Course Code: MLS423

Tutor: Anton Chapman

When: Tues 10.00am - 1.00pm

Dates: 10 Oct - 14 Nov 2023

Duration: 6 weeks          

Maximum Enrolment: 12

Level: ALL

Cost: $320


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