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This class is an extension of our Life Drawing classes and we will work directly from a life model.

Drawing is central to artistic practice, whether an artist paints abstract or realist works, is a photographer or conceptual artist. The expression of ideas or the expressive potential of ideas can be realised through the intimate process of drawing. This process of engaging with and developing ideas deepens our understanding of the world around us and allows us a reflection on creativity.


This course is taught from a painterly and graphic approach. Seeing painting as drawing with the brush is a useful place to start and students are guided from this starting point to extend into painting. Students will be encouraged to look intently and work with focus in order to prepare the way for an authentic learning experience.

The brush or pencil is an extension of the eye passing over the figure ... not so much picture-making as learning to see. The artist works from within to find the measure of things. Beyond measurement, there is the ideal in art that we look for and desire.

Course Code: LDP224

Tutor: Anton Chapman

When: Friday 9.30 am - 12.30 pm

Dates: 3 May - 5 Jul 2024
Duration: 9 weeks
Maximum Enrolment: 12 

Level: ALL 

Cost: $625  

* no class 28 June - Matariki

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