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ART ENCOUNTERS: art appreciation in our city

Art? Who is it for? Who is it made by? What social, political, historical, aesthetic or cultural concerns underscore artistic practices in our city, Tāmaki-makau-rau / Auckland


This course has been designed for non-artists and artists alike. Primarily, it is designed for those who feel they have some or no knowledge at all of how to engage and experience art. You may already have some knowledge in a specific area of the arts but would like to be part of a forum that affords the opportunity to expand your knowledge and experience. From visits to public and commercial galleries, public art, studio visits and artists talks we will discuss the various ways in which artists think, make and express their thoughts, concerns and ideas.


This course will not only offer its participants the opportunity to experience various forms of artistic practice, but will also encourage direct engagement through experience and open discussions without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated.

You'll be notified weekly on where to meet each Saturday. Please bring a notebook and pen along with you.

Course Code: SAE122

Tutor: Leigh Martin

When: Sat 10.30am - 12.30pm

Dates: 12 Feb - 9 Apr 2022

Duration: 9 weeks          

Maximum Enrolment: 12

Level: ALL

Cost: $280

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