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One must paint with the outer eye and inner eye, backward and forward, inside out and upside down, sideways, as a metaphysical aeroplane might go. Eileen Agar.


This course will explore the vibrant medium of contemporary watercolour. Throughout the term, we will investigate ways to create dynamic compositions through the use of line, colour, texture and form, building rhythm and balance. Learn to harness both the potential for glowing delicacy and the deep expressive power of this fascinating medium.

Each week we will start the class by looking at artists who have worked with watercolour to great effect and discuss art historical references to highlight concepts and techniques. We will then experiment with similar painting techniques and approaches. Technical demonstrations and one-to-one feedback and guidance will be given. There will be time allocated across the course to develop a series of paintings focused on your own personal areas of interest. We will also explore collage techniques as a tool to stimulate visual ideas, allowing the freedom to cut and juxtapose imagery to build compositions.

The course is suitable for both beginners and those who wish to work further with the medium within their practice.


NB: Please remember to bring materials from the course materials list online.

Course Code: WFS324

Tutor: Georgie Hill

When: Tue 6.00 - 9.00pm

Dates: 23 Jul - 17 Sep

Duration: 9 weeks 

Maximum Enrolment: 10

Level: ALL 

Cost: $485 


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