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Using Picasso’s Cubist period as a starting point, students will quickly learn to visually deconstruct a still life through an approach that encourages an extended understanding of the classical cubist sensibility.

Observational drawings that have been guided through this process of re-construction will be used as a basis to create a mature cubist painting, exhibiting a working knowledge of the balance between 2 and 3 dimensions and the interplay between representation and abstraction.


The course is suited to students of all levels of experience.
Students will take home a mature completed work.

Course Code: MNR324
Brendan McGorry
When: Thur 1.30pm - 4.30pm
Dates: 25 Jul - 19 Sep 2024
Duration: 9 Weeks
Level: All
Maximum Enrolment: 14


Cost: $485


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