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Brendan McGorry work engages with references and allegories drawn from historical European paintings. Particularly inspired by the Italian masters of the Renaissance period, the narrative in McGorry's work is also concerned with his personal family biography. Generational stories are explored through fathers and sons where time becomes a cyclical event; the loss of a parent is balanced by the arrival of a new child. Recent paintings in acrylic and charcoal show stages of growth and maturity from boyhood to manhood, and this idea of development runs parallel to McGorry's lineage of artistic influences. Weaving historical motifs with contemporary images of everyday life, the past and present collide in dreamlike compositions across the canvas. 


Brendan is a respected artist and tutor, who has been exhibiting since 1988 and has work in significant national collections, including the Auckland Council and the Wallace Arts Trust.


To see Brendan's work follow the link here: Brendan McGorry

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