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Form and space surrounding us become visible only when illuminated. Light not only enables our vision but also shapes how we perceive shapes and textures when we observe them. Consequently, shadow represents an absence—an absence of light, lacking any physical mass or attributes. Light can fall incidentally or be deliberately cast onto an object or space.

In Stage Two, we delve deeper into the practical techniques and historical methods employed by diverse artists to delineate form, space, texture, and ambiance, emphasizing the significance of tonal and chromatic values. Each session commences with a brief workshop, guiding students to apply the presented concepts to their personally chosen subjects.

This stage accommodates students with interests spanning from pure abstraction to observational realism. It offers a wide array of approaches, allowing students to grasp the successful depiction and utilization of light, both in a practical and emotional context, particularly when aiming to convey a specific atmosphere. Moreover, this course serves as a platform for artists seeking to enhance their comprehension of skills and tools necessary for the representation or expression within their completed works.

Course Code: LL2324 

Tutor: Leigh Martin 

When: Mon 1.30am - 4.30pm
Dates: 22 Jul - 26 Sep 2024
Duration: 9 weeks
Maximum Enrolment: 14

Level: ALL

Cost: $485

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