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Zoë Nash is a diverse visual artist working across a range of creative disciplines. She has an MFA degree from Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design as well as a BA and adult teaching qualifications. Her abstract works explore themes of repetitive process, experience and transformation. 

With a set of clearly defined intentions but no pre-conceived expectations regards outcome, Zoë's works carefully evolve and build up over time. Through a mindful and steady repeat of simple processes, working with basic shapes and form, Zoë creates vibrant patterns that cause visual disruption and playfully toy with perspective and space. Her overtly conscious mark making and emphasis on the process of how an artwork is built, slowly, and often painstakingly, drives the work towards its eventual completion.


Ever conscious of how each mark influences those around it, Zoë's work is a celebration of making and creativity that can often trigger nostalgic connections for viewers.

I love how my drawings grow and evolve with every mark made so that in the end, just a like a knitted jumper, the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts.

You can see more from Zoë at:

instagram: @ms_zoenash


facebook: ZoeNashArt


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