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This two day workshop will teach students how to weave Raranga Whakairo Whariki (Maori plaits in the form of a woven mat).


We will explore a variety of weaving styles starting with simple techniques to more difficult Raranga. We will discuss traditional forms of weaving through to more contemporary approaches and ideas that may be used within the fine arts. 


Here, the Maori story is rendered with European materials. It’s a simple, effective weave. It is social and personal, cultural and human.


During this workshop you will create a striking individual domestic sized Whariki, using a variety of heavy coloured cards.


Approximate size: 300x1500mm





Alexis Neal


Though printmaking is Alexis Neal's main focus, a natural interest in Maori weaving has resulted in her print process developing into three dimensions; weaving works and compiling multiple layers of colour and patterning, whilst referencing the weaves of Raranga Whakairo.


Alexis has worked collaboratively with other artists on a touring exhibition called Whare Taonga. In addition to being a home for historical and contemporary stories, this is a space where ideas on cultural, generational and gender issues abound. For her part, she wanted to explore the form, function and traditional implications of the Whariki and its importance within the Wharenui.





Course Code: SCRW215

Tutor: Alexis Neal

When: Saturday & Sunday 9.30am - 3.30pm

Dates: 23 & 24 May 2015        

Maximum Enrolment: 10


Cost: $160   BOOK NOW







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