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It’s an exciting decision to embark on a drawing and painting course and this is never truer than in the first stages when there is a whole new world to discover. This online course is constructed to help you reconnect with the language of both drawing and painting. Aspects of observation and the processes of seeing are introduced.


You will progress at a gentle, manageable pace. We will look at line, tone, composition, perspective, colour and the mixing and application of paint. Through observation, you will be introduced to seeing the 'abstract' by way of pictorial structure, to issues of transparency, opacity, surface, depth, and space. On completion of this course you will be able to draw and paint with greater confidence and will have practised the visual fundamentals.


Session 1 Welcome, introductions and course overview  Analogue drawings; how a drawing can embody aesthetic of feeling and emotion. Drawings in line looking at positive/negative space, perceived edges, the picture plane, proportion, space and depth. Required: pencils & erasers 

Session 2 Line from the still life. Finding your natural way to draw. Develop drawings through visualisation, blind contour and an essential observation of positive and negative space. Achieving awareness of placement, perspective, form and ‘weight’ of touch. Required: pencils, willow charcoal, eraser.

Session 3 Tone Observing from the photocopy. Bringing about awareness of tonal pattern. Achromatic scale: light to dark. Representation of form and volume through tonal values and contrast. Required: willow & compressed charcoal, erasers. 

Session 4 Line & Tone Observations in tonal drama, further explorations of tonal pattern. Expression, mark-making, control, impulse, deliberation. Required: ink, dip pen, soft filament brush, candle (for wax resist)

Session 5 Painting An introduction to paint, colour and assured mixing.
The 7 colour contrasts. Gaining visual confidence through application. Develop 4 paintings to illustrate contrast strategies of warm/cool, saturation, complementary, and light/dark. 
Required: paints: see list, gel medium, hog brushes, palette, apron/old shirt. 

Session 6 Painting Observation from the still life image. Looking at composition, colour, form, transparency, opacity, expression and process. 

Materials as previous week plus 1x A4 sized (approx.) prepared canvas panel or stretched canvas. 

Session 7 Perspective The perception of depth, the picture plane, ground plane, horizon line, 1/2/3-point perspective. Required: pencil & charcoal 

Session 8 Painting & Depth Complete a painting, selecting a colour strategy and composing elements from the previous weeks drawing or from images provided. Paint application, techniques, methodologies. Required: painting materials plus 1x A4-A3 sized prepared canvas panel or stretched canvas 

Session 9 Abstraction Painting and free colour association. Objective / subjective approaches to painting through visualisation and memory. 

Required: painting materials plus 2x prepared A3 canvas panels or 1 larger A2 panel or canvas 

Course requirements: 
Reliable desktop computer/smartphone/laptop

Internet connection /wireless

Webcam /microphone

Zoom account can use a free version

Materials: See link below

Beginning to paint and draw with Matthew is an informative, well-designed and entertaining course. Matthew is an excellent and supportive teacher. Though delivered on-line I gained more than from many face-to-face courses. It will be suitable for those at an intermediate level as well as those starting out. I hope a follow-up course will be offered. Ralph Pinnock

Just wanted to say thank you for such a great course. I have really enjoyed it and learnt so much. I think the combination of instruction, demonstration, art history/ painting analysis and feedback on our work was perfect and so generously and well delivered ... I truly think Browne School of Art is one of Auckland’s gems and I hope to do many more courses with you in the future. Janet Holmes


Course Code: OESU322

Tutor: Matthew Browne

When: Thur 6.00 - 8.00pm

Dates: 28 July - 22 September 2022
Duration: 9 weeks                  

Maximum Enrolment: 25

Level: L1

Cost: $280

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