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Through painting, Krystie Wade reimagines our engagement with different

landscapes, exploring and pulling apart the topographical, ecological, and

emotional aspects of nature through multiple perspectives and dynamic

colour compositions.


Krystie has exhibited in a number of exhibitions in New Zealand and abroad,including two exhibitions in Tokyo. She has also been a finalist in several awards, including the James Wallace Art Award, Molly Morpeth Art Award, and the Agendo Art Awards in Melbourne, Australia.


Krystie has also been included in books such as Its All About the Image Dick Frizzell and Seen thisCentury Warwick Brown. Wade has also featured in Justin Paton's 'How to Look at a Painting' (TV series) and was an International Artist in Residence at the Can Serrat Art Centre in Spain and in NZ at Karekare house.


Krystie has been teaching and mentoring at Browne School of Art. She has an interest in Oils, Acrylics, Watercolours, Drawing, Art theory, Meditation, Music and Digital Technologies.

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