This weekend workshop focuses entirely on working with ink. Learn a wide range of ink applications and techniques including working with resists and diluents, additions, removals, the effects of different surfaces, wet on wet, and working with pen and ink. We also explore how to make a range of more innovative and experimental marks with ink using some unexpected drawing tools. Students will also be introduced to a range of contemporary artists who use ink in a variety of inspiring and exciting ways.


Day 1 gives students the opportunity to work on a series of group exercises helping develop confidence. We then work towards the development of a self-directed project to be completed on Day 2. Students receive ongoing feedback as they make their work, and will come away with extra momentum and enthusiasm to continue their creative practice beyond the classroom.


Suitable for any level of experience.

Course Code: SCI221

Tutor: Zoë Nash

When: Sat/Sun 10.00am - 4.00pm

Date: 12 & 13 June 2021

Maximum Enrolment: 12

Level: ALL

Cost: $205

Bridget Baker
Bridget Baker
Ink drawing by Suzett Perry
Ink drawing by Suzett Perry