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Once you have had some basic experience of drawing and painting you will be ready to attend Painting - L2. This course will help to develop increased confidence with the visual language of paint.

During the course you will be introduced to three assignments, each of three weeks duration. In most instances, each assignment will begin with drawing, using a variety of source material, before progressing towards painting.


Each of these assignments has been designed to develop a clearer appreciation of painting from both a traditional and a contemporary perspective and to provide the support and structure necessary for more sustained and meaningful creativity.

Both figurative (representational) and abstraction are given equal emphasis, as neither can be separated from the fundamental principles and components for successful painting.

Course Code: EP2-224

Tutor: Matthew Browne 

When: Mon 6.00 - 9.00pm 

Dates: 29 Apr - 1 Jul 2024

Duration: 9 weeks

Maximum Enrolment: 12

Level: L2 

Cost: $485 


  • No class 3 Jun (Kings B/Day)

"Matthew's knowledge of technique, theory, art history and contemporary practice is generously shared, always in a way that inspires students without overwhelming them.”  Peter Atkinson



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