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Anna-Maria Bribiesca is a multidiscipline artist, who has been practising - it seems - all of her life. Her parents (Lois Marie Ashton Bribiesca and José Maria Bribiesca) were artists and members of the first arts and crafts market (The Browns Mill) in the 1960s, in Tāmakimakaurau. This had a massive influence on Anna-Maria from a very young age. She has expressed this in a Masters of Education (Hons) UoA,  Conversaciones con mi sangre – Conversations with my blood: How intergenerational knowledge shapes conceptions of art practice and teaching. Anna-Maria was invited to speak on her MEd (Hons) at the WIPCE Conference in 2017.

Anna-Maria works in photography (analog and digital), textile, painting, print making, cyanotype photography, sculpture, mixed media, jewellery and moving image. Anna-Maria’s teaches art at High School and in the community. 

Anna-Maria has a BVA, GradDipTchg (Sec), PGDipEd, MEd (Hons)

Over the decades of studying, producing the ultimate creations (children), and teaching, she has always managed to create art. Travelling to Mexico, Cuba and the USA has been pivotal in influencing her indigenous creativity.  

Anna-Maria exhibits solo and in group shows annually in the Auckland Festival of Photography, Franklin Art Award, Pollok Art Gallery exhibitions, Art Industry Gallery, and Manurewa High School Art Exhibitions. She recently exhibited her art at the Auckland Art Gallery during La Fiesta 2023 at the Frida Kahlo exhibition.

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