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Alexis Neal graduated from Elam with a BFA and Post Graduate diploma and later gained an MFA at the Slade School of Fine Arts in London where she also worked as a teaching assistant in etching. Alexis has held tutoring positions in both academic and community institutions working with the wider community.

Her work refers to issues of cultural identity and predominately her work has looked at the duality of artefacts in terms of personal adornment and material culture. Her studio practice combines components of print, weaving and installation, to address Tikanga Maori traditions within a contemporary context. Alexis has exhibited extensively in New Zealand and internationally.

Primarily, Alexis practices in the medium of print. She has recently begun a study of Maori weaving. The combination of these interests has made her push the print medium into three dimensions, weaving works and compiling multiple layers of colour and patterning, referencing the weaves of Raranga Whakairo. 


To view work by Alexis follow the link here: Alexis Neal

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