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Gift vouchers are a fabulous present tor those creative people you love.


You can purchase BSA gift vouchers in $100 amounts from $100 - $600. Vouchers are redeemable for 12 months from time of purchase and are delivered digitally for you to gift to the lucky

recipient. ...present done!



Sign up to a plan at BSA and receive special benefits! If you are a loyal and regular attendee, then these plans give you great benefits and privileges.

We have 3 plans to choose from and each offers an escalating rise in course discounts:

to find out details, please follow the link here and join the ever growing BSA Members club!

Browne School Tee shirt


BSA Gallery offers applicants the opportunity to showcase their work in a vibrant and exciting community space. We welcome applications from all creative disciplines, including painting, drawing, printmaking, mixed-media, sculpture and photography. Exhibitions are 3 weeks in duration and are presented throughout the year. Follow the link below for details and applications.

Up next: pearlesque - works by Diana Pearl - 9 - 29 June 2024



Team Building


Unite your people with a fun, lively team-building art activity.

We can cater for groups of up to 30 people. Draw, paint or team sculpt in a fun and collaborative team building session, guided by our experienced BSA tutors.

To find out more, follow the link below and we'll get back to you.


To enable less financially fortunate students, our donations system allows for a $10 contribution as part of course bookingIf you have a Community Services card, we can assist you with your course fees so please come and talk to us or email to let us know. CSC discounts are not applicable in addition to other discounted offers or memberships.

Thanks to generous donors, we have assisted students to access our art classes with $12,872 in funds.

Barbara Chapple


We are now offering enticing bulk discounts for 2 tor more courses booked in one term. Discounts are offered for 2 courses (5%), 3 courses (10%) and 4 courses (12%). Bookings can be for any term-time or weekend courses scheduled in a singular term. That means that if you have friends who'd like to enrol in a course at the same time as you, whether it's the same course or another, you'll get progressively better discounts. The more you book, the better the rewards!!  Bulk discounts are not applicable in addition to other discounted offers or memberships.

Drawing Classes

Mandy Jakich in conversation with Matthew Browne

In this podcast, Matthew talks to Mandy Jakich at Creative Matters about how he wants to make paintings that have an untroubled aspect to them in response to the crazy cacophony of everyday life, and for people to feel a moment of solace when viewing and experiencing his work. He shares how his work and process shifted from more figurative, externally motivated paintings over the years to abstract and more internally driven expressions.

We discuss his yearning for a sense of balance, order and stillness which comes about in his current paintings through the relationships of colour. He uncovers the mysteries behind his painting titles, why he recoils when people describe his work as hard edged, why form and shape is so important to him in his work and why he loves to paint on linen and sometimes leave it exposed as the first point of reaction, the bouncing off point.

And of course we talk about how and why he founded Browne School of Art.

Recorded on 15/9/23

Matthew Browne in Studio
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