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Peter Atkinson Artist & Celebrant “How do teachers of adult education art classes manage the complex mixture of expectations and insecurities, differing levels of experience and ability, and the balance of guidance and encouragement that are called for when a disparate group of adults are thrown together in a weekend workshop or a continuing class? Matthew does this with good humour that puts the most timid of fledgling artists at ease and consistently challenges and extends the more experienced. His knowledge of technique, theory, art history and contemporary practice is generously shared, always in a way that inspires students without overwhelming them.”

Sue Reidy Writer & Artist “Matthew Browne is a superb tutor, very knowledgeable, encouraging, patient and empathetic. He is open to appreciating a wide range of painting styles and genres and strives to assist every student to reach their potential in their chosen subject matter and painting style. His manner is very approachable and friendly. Over the years he has helped thousands of Auckland’s aspiring artists to explore their painting potential at a range of levels. I highly recommend him.”

Emma Davie Artist “My classes with Matthew took me back to times when I was a child and experimentation was pure joy, and necessary to push forward into something uncharted. I found myself in Matthew’s classes because I felt stuck for new ideas about what to paint. However, that soon changed when I started the projects he set us. Each and every task we were given led to a new way of working, along with some very wise words that stretched my thinking capacity. The class environment was always enjoyable, with conversation, laughter and in-depth discussions. Over the years under Matthew’s tutoring I have found an unwavering support from him to keep pursuing this love of art. There are very few other platforms available where you can learn such concentrated and valuable tips on technique, materials, history, direction, and psychology from someone who is a talented artist himself. I feel that Matthew is as close as you will get to a mentor”. Follow the link to see Emma's work: Emma Davie

Helen Shale



“Materials, composition, perspective, colour theory and art appreciation are all things you can learn from a good art teacher. Incorporating all these and adding ongoing support for developing your own original, successful and resonating fine art pieces takes a brilliant mentor – this is Matthew.”

Fiona Cable Artist at Railway Street Studios Co-operative “Matthew Browne possesses an incredible depth of knowledge, experience, patience and intuition. As a painter and tutor, Matthew skillfully guides anyone from beginners through to experienced artists, helping them to become the best they can be.” Go to Railway Street Studios to learn more.

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