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This short course has been specifically developed for artists. Whether you are a painter, illustrator, printmaker or sculptor, good drawing skills form an essential base for your creative work.


Knowledge of the rules of perspective is one of the most important skills. Not only does it allow you to check the correctness of your composition and to assess the accuracy of shapes and sizes, distances and angles. If you understand how perspective works, you are also able to create any 3D image, any illusion of space, by simply using your imagination. There's no need for photographs or digital wizardry.


The principles of perspective are neither boring nor complicated.

Perspective challenges are a cross-word puzzle with lines instead of words. Learning about it can be entertaining and rewarding.

It is a valuable skill for every artist to have. But this course is not intended only for those involved in the fine arts. If you are an interior designer, landscaper or furniture maker, the ability to sketch up your 3D ideas on the spot while presenting them to your client is a great advantage. 


The course is a hands-on workshop with plenty of interesting challenges and exercises but also lots of useful tips and shortcuts. 


Materials: Paper will be provided. Please bring a selection of pencils B, 2B & 4B and a pencil eraser.​

Course Code: SCPR321 [Saturday]

Tutor: Gabriella Klepacki

When: Sat 10.00am - 4.00pm

Dates: 6 November 2021

Duration: 1 day 

Maximum Enrolment: 14

Level: ALL 

Cost: $105  


"I wanted to say a particular thank you for Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed the Perspective workshop and see my world differently as a result. It has given me considerable enthusiasm to continue to learn to draw". Kate B


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