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During this hands-on one-day workshop you will be introduced to a broad range of painting supports and their preparation.

There will be an introduction to the many types of canvas suitable for painting including linen, cotton duck and jute (hessian). You will learn how to stretch your own canvas and prepare a chosen ground (priming) ready for painting.

We will look at panels suitable for painting, their surface preparation and priming, support bracing and the application of canvas to panels (marouflage) for excellent custom made canvas boards.


We will make traditional genuine chalk ground gesso to achieve an ultra-smooth, absorbent surface and discuss options for its use in contemporary practice. Other painting surfaces will include rabbit skin glue, clear primal, silica sand and mull (tarlatan).


During the day you will prepare:

1 x stretched canvas 400 x 500mm

1 x braced 400 x 400mm panel, prepared with genuine gesso

2 x braced 200 x 300mm prepared panels - various surfaces

4 x small 200 x 250 prepared panels - various surfaces

*All materials are included in the course fee but please bring these if you have them:

1 x staple gun - make sure it is one you can use easily

1 x pair of canvas pliers (helpful but not essential)

1 x pliers or wire cutters (for removing staples)

1 x wide, soft-haired priming brush. Approximately 8-10cm

1 x old shirt or apron 

Course Code: SCNT322

Tutor: Matthew Browne

When: Saturday 10.00am - 4.00pm

Date: 24 September 2022

Maximum Enrolment: 12

Levels: ALL

Cost: $185


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