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This course is suitable for all artists, working in your preferred medium of choice. 


It might be that you are currently excited by the immediacy of drawing, or the depth, physicality and richness of oils. Maybe you love the delicate transparency of watercolour, the flexibility of acrylics or the even, silky opacity of gouache. Loving the exploratory nature of collage and assemblage? This course embraces the diversity of all these mediums and encourages a deeper understanding and a more rewarding experience.


Under the guidance of your experienced tutor, this class also welcomes discussion and debate around the myriad of current contemporary art practices, in addition to providing an opportunity to study and learn from past masters of your medium.


You may select individual dates from the schedule below, or book for the entire 8-weekend course over the year to receive a discounted rate.


Please be prepared for this class, with all your preferred materials to hand, ready to begin the first session. 


2023 Dates: 18/19 Feb, 1/2 Apr, 13/14 May, 24/25 June, 5/6 Aug, 16/17 Sept, 4/5 Nov, 9/10 Dec, 2023

Maximum Enrolment: 12

Level: L2 / L3

Cost: $215 ea. separate weekend

Cost: $1,635 all weekends discount -5%

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