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When thinking of abstract drawing or painting, we tend to picture works that are visually gestural and based upon intuitive thinking. Or, we think of hard-edged or geometric abstraction.

Abstraction is far more complex than this and includes an expansive array of conceptual and practical approaches. Each day of this course, will introduce a different genre of abstraction through experimentation and play.


The course is designed to offer skills and strategies to apply to student’s own work, regardless of the subject. It is for those with mixed experience and abilities. Fee includes some materials.

Course Code: SSTA24

Tutor: Leigh Martin

When: Thur - Sun 9.30am - 3.30pm

Dates: 18 - 21 Jan 2024
Duration: 4 days

Maximum Enrolment: 10

Levels: ALL

Cost: $450

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