Kick start 2020 with a burst of creative energy in this intensive and fun, two-day summer workshop. Join multi-disciplinary artist, Zoë Nash, for this mixed media course that introduces a range of painting techniques. Explore blending, layering, staining, working with washes, textures, and additives, along with creating simple glazes. You’ll create works that combine a number of different techniques as you develop visual storytelling and communication skills.

Summer Jumble is suitable for total beginners and those with some experience who want to experiment with more innovative mark making to reinvigorate a current practice. 


By the end of the weekend, each student will have a resolved artwork on board, finished and ready to take away.

As a beginner artmaker, it's been seamless to attend an art class without feeling like a fish out of water. Zoë's teaching style is enormously helpful in exploring artistic expression. - Summer School student 2022

Zoë Nash, Dandelion
Zoë Nash, Dandelion
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