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With over 50 mediums available to alter your colours and extend your surface options, this workshop explores the incredible versatility of modern acrylic painting. 

Acrylic paint is a complete system: once you’ve chosen your colour, you can alter viscosity from thin to thick, and short to long; you can alter surface sheen, drying times, and adhesion to a wide range of substrates. We’ll work on more unusual surfaces than gesso, using pastes to create grounds that are hard, soft, absorbent, non-absorbent, rough and smooth.

This workshop will map an easy-to-negotiate route through the amazing array of mediums, showing how each affects colour, and matches medium with technique, from pours to impasto..


Please bring:

  • a selection of brushes.

  • At least 12 small (A5 or A6 ish) painting surfaces - these can be primed heavy paper or board, MDF, canvas boards, prestretched canvas.

  • Flat palette, eg disposable paper palette.

  • Palette knife.

  • Notebook and pen.

Course Code: SCEAM224

Tutor: Evan Woodruffe

When: Sat/Sun 10.00am - 4.00pm

Date: 15 / 16 Jun 2024

Duration: 2 days

Maximum Enrolment: 12

Levels: ALL

Cost: $250

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