This summer school course is aimed at giving both beginners and more advanced painters a structured grounding in how to work with tone. 

When drawing or painting, it is vital to have an understanding of tonal relationships within a composition, whether working with representational or abstract subjects. Tonal explorations are essential in helping to define and represent a chosen subject and are applied when dealing with light, movement, contrast, form or wanting to imbue a drawing or painting with a sense of atmosphere or drama. 

Understanding tonal qualities and technique is also of particular help at the underpainting stage, when establishing and composing a drawing and when transferring and transcribing the drawing onto and into a painted format.


Day 1-2: The Basics: exercises in tonal drawing. 

Day 3-4: Building an image with tonal studies (underpainting techniques).

Course Code: SSST22

Tutor: Leigh Martin

When: Fri - Mon 9.30am - 3.30pm

Dates: 14 - 17 January 2022
Duration: 4 days

Maximum Enrolment: 10

Levels: ALL

Cost: $450

Georges Seurat, Embroidery (1882-3)
Georges Seurat, Embroidery (1882-3)
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