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This practical online course will focus entirely on working with ink. You’ll learn a wide range of ink applications and techniques including how to work with resists and diluents, additions, removals, the effects of different surfaces, wet on wet, and working with pen and ink. We’ll also explore how to make a range of more innovative and experimental marks in ink using some unexpected, less traditional drawing tools. You’ll be shown the work of both 20th Century and contemporary artists who use this exciting media in a variety of inspirational ways.


This short course is suitable for both absolute beginners and those with some experience who want to learn more about this highly versatile product. By the end of six sessions each student will have created a small collection of inky works on paper. (Note: the intention of this course is to explore how to use the product/s in your creative practice, not to provide an extensive overview of the vast number of different products available.)


Course requirements:

Reliable desktop computer/ smartphone/ laptop

Internet connection/wireless


Zoom account (can use free version)


A bottle of Indian ink (30ml minimum)

30ml bottle/s of coloured ink (AT LEAST one) of your own choice, shellac or pigment-based

Dip pen with 2-3 variations of nib OR 2-3 x good quality permanent ink writing pens in a variety of line widths eg Staedtler, Sharpies, Faber Castell Pitt artist pens

Brushes: as a minimum 1x small and 1x med. sized round brush, 1x med. flat brush (10-20mm)

A4 or A3 pad drawing/sketching paper

A4 or A5 pad quality 250-300gsm cold-pressed watercolour paper (min.10 shts.)

Low tack lilac coloured artists masking tape

Small shallow dish or palette

Visual diary or notebook

Everyday household items: scissors, handy towel, newspaper, skewers and/or chopsticks, drinking straw/s, twigs, feather/s, an old toothbrush, salt (rock and/or table), a white wax crayon or a candle, PVA glue or a gluestick, cotton buds, a sponge, a fork (bamboo or plastic work best).

Optional: masking fluid, additional paintbrushes in a variety of widths, shapes and sizes, watercolour or acrylic paints, fixative or hairspray, interesting paper stocks for collage, additional makeshift items that can be used as drawing tools eg a scrubbing brush, bits of cane, bits of plant, a comb, etc, additional watercolour paper pads for extra practice, additional varied paper stocks of your own choice.


Session 1 Course introduction and materials overview, slide show demonstrating multiple ink applications and methods using selected contemporary and 20th C artist examples, technical demonstration followed by student exercises.

Session 2  Ink, water and resists: tutor demonstration of various ink, water and resist techniques, followed by student practice.

Session 3  Experimental mark-making: tutor demonstration, student practice. 

Session 4  Dynamic space: artist inspiration slideshow, followed by tutor demo and then time for student practice.

Session 5  Observations in ink: tutor demonstration using a range of ink applications working from still life, then student practice.

Session 6  Celebration of nature: using nature as your inspiration can open up a myriad of exciting possibilities in ink. Starting with a small slideshow of artist examples, this final session will give students the opportunity to create a slower paced, more resolved artwork with one-on-one assistance from the tutor.

Course Code: OI122 [day]

Tutor: Zoë Nash

When: Wed 10.00am - 12.00pm 

Dates: 10 Aug - 14 Sept 2022 

Duration: 6 weeks

Level: L1+

Cost: $190      

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