On this course you will learn to complete oil paintings in one session, often referred to as wet-into-wet or more correctly, Alla Prima. We will begin by going out into the streets around the school studio, observing urban compositions with their natural abstract qualities, paying attention to the overlooked and the everyday.  

We will record these images with a camera [a phone camera is ideal] or by drawing [or both], then return to the studio to begin work. We will focus on realism, seen with its inherent abstractness through colour, form and shape.

Then the fun really kicks in! Paying close attention to tonal and colour mixing, and initially through a limited palette of colours, the approach is immediate and responsive. We will work wet-into-wet [Alla Prima], working from dark to light and aiming to complete a painting in each sitting.

During subsequent sessions, we will introduce colour theory through a structured delivery. You will work up towards a larger scale painting, amalgamating what you have learned over the previous sessions.


This system is fun to learn and is suitable for painters with limited experience, as well as for more experienced practitioners.

Course Code: MIO421

Tutor: Matthew Carter

When: Thur 9.30am - 12.30pm

Date: 28 Oct - 25 Nov 2021
Duration: 5 weeks                 

Maximum Enrolment: 10

Level: ALL

Cost: $230

See Matthew Carter in action, in a short video, painting a bird's eye view of Kitchener Street, Auckland City: Kitchener Street, high view

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