Drawing now takes centre stage in many national and international art exhibitions, having moved far beyond its more traditional parameters of sketching and preparatory study into a dynamic, multidisciplinary space. 


Drawing is ubiquitous in the 21st Century. Its immediacy and infinite possibility in terms of outcome encouraging experimentation and play. Drawing not only forms the foundation of a good art practice, but is today a much celebrated and debated, exciting end result.


This 9-week course explores what drawing now can be. It offers a more open-ended, idea-based approach to drawing and mark-making, using a wide variety of media and methods. 


Students are gently challenged, coaxed, and encouraged to explore new ways of working with a range of more unusual drawing tools, applications and surfaces. Although this class may push you out of your comfort zone, any level of experience is welcome, as we work at your own pace and with your own personal goals in mind. Along the way, we'll learn about some of today's eminent drawing practitioners.


By the end of this course, students will have a greater appreciation and understanding of contemporary drawing practice, have gained confidence in their own drawing ability, and will have the momentum to continue their practice beyond the classroom.

Course Code: DN120

Tutor: Zoë Nash

When: Tue 9.30am - 12.30pm

Dates: 4 Feb - 31 Mar 2020

Duration: 9 Weeks 

Maximum Enrolment: 12

Level: ALL 

Cost: $385  

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Mary Shirley
Joanne Fredicson
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Mary Shirley