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In this course we will be looking at the structure of the three dimensional human head as it is rendered onto the two dimensional plane as in a drawing.

Through repeated exercises and practice you will find yourself getting comfortable with the proportions of the main dimensions as well as the individual features of the head and their relationships to each other. Then you will look at how these elements change as the head begins to rotate around an axis from face on to a profile view.

By applying the ellipse and ideas of perspective in our structure we will start to develop a clearer understanding of the three dimensional form in space.

We will start with some simple models of the head and then move on through practice using the Reilly method and the Loomis method as useful frameworks or models to use as a sound basis for development of individual character.

Course Code: AHSD324
Matt Carter
When: Thu 1.30pm - 4.30pm
Dates: 25 Jul - 22 Aug 2024
Duration: 5 Weeks
Level: All
Maximum Enrolment: 10

Cost:  $270


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