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CREATIVE ACRYLICS: techniques & transformations

Your acrylic painting needn’t look flat. Join us for a comprehensive journey into acrylic’s exciting and expansive potential!

Acrylic’s unmatched versatility and its commitment to the surface enables us to create paintings with an incredibly wide visual vocabulary. From liquid colour to impasto, sprayed areas to drawn lines, printing and collage, acrylic allows us to play with surface techniques to create dynamics and density in our painting.

Over six classes, you will explore diverse approaches to acrylic painting, with traditional techniques such as glazing and scumbling, and modern methods using airbrush, markers, collage and fluid acrylic. These will be built up on sample boards and potential paintings over the course of the workshops to search for groupings and patterns that align with your creative path.

Evan will lead the workshop with plenty of art historical references, and keen technical insights, with an individual focus to help you develop your own intriguing visual vocabulary.

Course Code: ACA324
Evan Woodruffe
When: Wed 1.00pm - 4.00pm
Dates: 24 Jul - 28 Aug 2024
Duration: 6 Weeks
Level: All
Maximum Enrolment: 14


Cost: $325


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