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This is a class for anyone who wishes to explore the exciting potential of contemporary watercolour.

We will look at different artists who have used the medium of watercolour, build a visual databank of various techniques and discuss the elements that make up a great work.

Technical applications and processes will be demonstrated so as to highlight the possibilities of this medium, and to achieve the expression you are looking for, or to inject new possibilities into your current practice.

The first part of each session will be spent sharing inspiration and ideas and exploring new methods of application. You will then have time to work on a painting with full concentration for the remainder of the session. 

This is a supportive, explorative, fun class, where you will have the space to work on your painting with like-minded people. The class is suitable for beginners, or for those with some basic painting experience, though not necessarily with watercolour.

Course Code: CW1324

Tutor: Jo Dalgety

When: Fri 10.00am - 1.00pm 

Dates: 26 Jul - 23 Aug 2024

Duration: 5 weeks

Level: L1

Maximum: 10

Cost: $270   

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